SEVETRI WILSON, CEO/ Founder at Resilia S:2 Ep:4

LET’S TALK STEM WITH DR. CALVIN MACKIE EXTOLS THE EXTRAORDINARY SEVITRI WILSON, A BLACK WOMAN WITH A FLOURISHING TECH COMPANY AND DREAMS THAT CAME TRUE NEW ORLEANS – The new episode of Let’s Talk STEM With Dr. Calvin Mackie spotlights the amazing journey of Sevetri Wilson, a Louisiana native who pursued her dreams. Wilson turned a desire to help non-profits succeed into a tech company that raised an astounding $50 million in venture capital, including $35 million in a Series B venture funding round. One of the single highest amounts ever raised by a Black female-operated technology company. What’s more, as Wilson, 35, explains in this stimulating conversation with Dr. Mackie, she began as a non-techie, someone without any coding experience. On the podcast, she details the major steps that lead to her success. And the grit and determination it required. Her company, Resilia, was launched in 2016 to revolutionize how socially conscious leaders develop, sustain, and grow nonprofits, corporations, cities, and other enterprises. It’s extraordinary listening as Wilson explains the magic carpet ride from idea, to building a team, to gaining the confidence of investors. She provides a blueprint for young entrepreneurs wanting to follow a path to success.

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